Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sc2 Patch 1.1 undocumented changes

The following are a list of undocumented changes for SC2 patch 1.1:

Confirmed changes:
- Production tab in replays and when observing live games now shows progress bars and mouseover tooltips giving exact completion level.

- Missile Turret Base range: 7 (8 with upgrade) (Not new)
- New, coloured icons for spells with monochrome icons (almost everything has shiny new icons)

- No rocks on Desert Oasis, but other layout changes are still present (during ladder matches)
- Larvae spread out more around Hatcheries instead of clumping up.
- Ultralisk splash radius seems to grow depending on the target (i.e. scvs repairing PFs die very quickly) (not actually a new mechanic, just makes for some crazy effects when attacking buildings) - Eggs can now overlap, which makes it difficult to tell the progress on them. :S (Not new, just more likely because of the new, stricter larva positioning)
- Build Order screen seems severely bugged or something, just displays the wrong units (may not be new though) - Terran buildings count as complete before their animation finishes, as opposed to after it
- Thor 250mm cannons may be used on friendly units (not yet sure about neutral buildings, i.e. rocks)
- Insane AI really dislikes it when you try and cannon rush them now (and probably other proxy crap, but I'm mostly making that up right now)

- Vortex has a new graphic (or maybe it doesn't)
- Infestors can no longer use the NP/FG while burrowed bug (might be counted in the bugfix about using things not on the card)
- Ctrl+F5-F8 now works to assign location to hotkeys
- Nydus worms are noisier while building, but don't make a global sound when emerging. (Confirmed false)
- Observers appear to move faster (Confirmed false, both speed and acceleration are exactly the same as prepatch)


  1. Glad you posted this. Havent played sc2 in a couple weeks and I think ill check out these changes now.

  2. Hmm hopefully this will make the game more fair.

  3. Hmm nice I was looking for these updates

  4. Thanks for the info, great blog, love starcraft 2 and am getting it this weekend, lets play!

  5. Hey dude what do you think about Heroes of Newerth, the dota remake?

  6. I can't wait to get this game... Thanks for the info! New follower for your blog :)

  7. Patch 1.1 turned out great. Woot. :)

  8. @honBlogger

    def. a good game but might be overshadowed when the actual Dota from Valve comes out

  9. Nice I'm more of a WoW guy not Starcraft but this is still interesting