Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview with GSL RO16 Day 1 winner Cool aka. Fruitseller

- How does it feel to reap a 2:1 victory and get into the round of 8?
▲ I'm really happy. I've played a lot of games with TOP since before. I started filtering who I play against on because of strategies, and recently I have a lot of memories of losing but I thought "I should be able to win even though the map is difficult". But when I was up there and playing, I was very nervous.

- During game 1, you built 2 Baneling Nests, and 2 Roach Warrens
▲ I didn't know I did anything like that during game 1. I knew that I built two roach warrens during game three though. I was really nervous so I received damage in the early game, and I built two Roach Warrens. I'm the type of person who gets overly nervous.

- You may have been nervous, but you won game 1.
▲ I didn't know but people told me I had about 90 drones. You can't win if you have that many drones, so I thought "Wow, I was really nervous" [T/N: Potentially, "Wow, he was really nervous"]

- You were really active in using Ultralisks
▲ The bug is only there when you hit buildings, so I'm hoping the patch keeps going this way [laugh]. I don't think it's bad at all.

- Did you think of Ultralisks as a solution to playing against Terran?
▲ Terrans nowadays don't come out attacking first. I've lost a lot of games when my opponent attacked during the timing where I exhausted my units and before I hit 200 population on Ultras. It'll be difficult for me to make Broodlords because they take longer to make than Ultralisks, so I think Ultralisks are the only answer. A lot of Terrans started using the Marines - Siege Tank combination a lot more and started using Marauders less, so that could also be an answer.

- You tried using the Nydus Network in Game 2 and failed and lost.
▲ If you look at my ladder records, you'd know that I didn't get to practice this strategy before. I tried this about a week ago and got stopped, it worked once yesterday during practice, but this morning, I lost all 5 matches I've tried it on. People around me just told me to go for a management game, but after I won game 1, I tried it as an all in strategy. Since it didn't work, I even thought "Maybe it's just me" [laugh]. But it doesn't matter because I won game 3.

- You started game 3 by receiving a lot of damage in the early game.
▲ I thought I lost so I thought of just announcing GG, but when I just played like I have practiced things went well. My opponent didn't even use Medivacs and started collecting Thors, and because I thought I lost, I excluded everything and only made Drones. But my opponent didn't come attacking during that time, and later on when I saw that his Thors weren't upgraded, I figured I had won.

- What do you think of Patch 1.1
▲ The time when I recovered my condition was around the time when the patch went live, and after that, I didn't lose as much. It's because Terran didn't come rushing as much anymore, since I'm just playing as I normally do. Clide and other Terrans started saying that they can't beat Zerg anymore, but I think they're only saying that because they're used to thinking that when Terran faces Zerg, they need to win 9 out of 10 times [laugh]

- Recently, You've vented about difficulties about Zerg at an online community.
▲ That was the day right before the patch. Even though I had a huge advantage, I had no way to win and no way to play through, but after the whining, things started opening up a bit [laugh]. If there was no patch I would have quit playing Zerg, but now that there's a patch, I'll continue to play Zerg.

- Any resolve regarding your next match?
▲ I've played a lot of games with , but I want to play him once in the remaining games. And the maps have been really bad for me up to now, so I'm hoping the next map pool comes out favorably.

- Anything else you want to say?
▲ Rainbow hyung supported me a lot, so I want to thank him because he was a lot of help. I hope Tester, RainBOw, and Maka all make it to the top 8. But I think TesteR is a little afraid of RainBOw hyung [laugh].


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    Nerf tanks? Build more tanks and marauders.

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